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Sports and Physical Education Enrichment and Development

"Physical fitness is not only one of the most important keys to a healthy body, it is the basis of

dynamic and creative intellectual activity.

John F. Kennedy "

Physical Education has fast gained importance today because of the sedentary lifestyle and inappropriate nutrition which is very dominant in children in india. Physical activity is thus essential to prevent and reduce risks of many diseases and improve general physical and mental health.

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We at Birla Edutech Ltd. understand the importance of Sports and Physical Education of each child and their development . Thus, SPEED provide a platform where children can Play ,Enjoy and improve their physical fitness (click)

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How to Reduce weight, diabetes

Yoga is not a religion; it is a way of living whose aim is ‘a healthy mind in a healthy body’. Click


Recent Sport/Events updates

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Scope of P.E and Sports Education
(as a carrier) children and schools

It is a time to value Physical Education and Sports as a core subject in Schools, as it plays a critical role in teaching students how to achieve optimal health and physical fitness, while increasing their ability to succeed academically (click)